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Palazzo Vecchio..Palazzo dei Priori..Palazzo della Signoria..

We are always talking about the same Palace. Him. One of the most impressive symbols of the Florentine city center. A palace that imposes itself on a wonderfully Florentine square with its 94 meters high tower that stands out in the profile of the city with imposing elegance. A building built between 1299 and 1314 but which is still the seat of the Florence City Hall, still partially operational today. Secret rooms, hidden passages and the incredible “Salone dei Cinquecento”, the most imposing room, with a length of 52 m (170 feet) and a width of 23 m (75 feet) made at the Grand Council (Consiglio Maggiore) consisting of 500 members . The tour winds through the main halls of the museum retracing the history of Florence and the famous the characters who made it.

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